undrawing the figure

Sat & Sun, September 17-18th, Enniskerry, Ireland



kay on her back in red

Undrawing is an observational approach to drawing the figure using triangulation and expressive marks. Undrawing requires no prior figure drawing experience. With minimal training you'll learn where to start, what to look for, and how to capture even the most complex and challenging poses.

How is Undrawing different?

rose against the mirror

The basic premise of Undrawing is that we have an innate sense of spatial geometry that can be leveraged to allow us to draw from life quickly and accurately. Rather than abstraction of the body, as in classical art training, Undrawing is about seeing simple relationships. Whether you're a first-timer or have years of experience, your observational skills will improve.

Undrawing is FAST

rose with shadow
trixie on her side
rowan with a twist
elena in her shorts

These drawings were done from life in under 15 minutes

Check out the UndrawingWorkshop Instagram page for dozens of videos

What do I need for Undrawing?


Level: Beginner to Experienced

  • Soft Pasteels: Inexpensive, full-length, square, unwrapped sticks. Look for a student-grade set of 12-24 pieces.
  • Newsprint: Or other cheap paper with lots of tooth, ), 18x24" or A2.

Each aspect of the technique is explained using demonstrations and exercises with a live model.

Who's teaching Undrawing?

alex at work

The Undrawing Workshop has been developed by artist Alex Alford (@AlexDrawsLife) and has been offered in partnership with the awesome Brooklyn Figure Drawing meet-up group. Alex has taught Undrawing, in its various incarnations, in Paris, London, Dublin, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Atlanta, and from his studio in Asheville, NC. Alex has been drawing the figure for over 40 years and is delighted to share these techniques with artists of all skill levels.

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Sat & Sun, September 17-18th
10:00am - 4:30pm UK

Location: Enniskerry, Ireland

Model/Muse: Fae Muse

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